My story


Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet. My name is Nancy Gabriela, however I prefer to stay under the pseudonym Apolonia Botánica to work on these creations that seem to be taken from earlier years. After having lived an enriching experience in France for the past 11 years, I came back to Mexico to bring Apolonia Botánica to life. My professional background is certainly atypical. I started with a marketing career in Mexico, dedicating a brief period of my life to promoting international brands. After a couple of years, I built up enough courage to seek a new direction in Paris to do something more exciting. During my experience abroad I was extremely lucky to work in the gastronomic world, and because of that I embraced the Slow Food initiative within my life. This movement promotes not only the consumption of food that comes from sustainable production, but also encourages us to take the time to prepare and enjoy our food. By doing so, it actually generates conviviality, connection and mindfulness.

All those years in the culinary world gave me close and valuable encounters with small wine producers, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, and others with similar values. I became aware not only of the importance of preserving our planet’s health and our cultural heritage, but how to do what I love with joy and passion as well.

So how did Apolonia Botánica come about? Since I was a little girl I have been very creative, but I never dared to take on an artistic career…until now! I made the decision to take a creative leap, so I traveled to England to learn and be inspired by a great woman with a remarkable sensitivity, life story and talent named Fiona Pickles. Upon my return to Mexico, I continued to learn from other floral designers whose style I admired and deeply appreciated. Now I have the great pleasure to share with you my passion for flowers, and to offer the sense of well-being and ethereal beauty that nature provides through my creations.


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Prepared by loving hands in our studio


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